Ship Shaft Systems Repairs

The Company

The company THERIANOS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE LTD « TTA », offers high quality services with technical support worldwide, at competitive prices, speed and reliability.

The company consists of and experienced team of Technicians, Naval Architects – Marine Engineers.

The founder of the company, Therianos Argiris, was born in Perama, Piraeus, Greece. Since the age of 14, he has worked in machine workshops specializing in ship repairs, while at the same time he was studying at a technical night college. It has been a job that he always enjoyed and willing to learn more.

At the age of 21, after his service in the Navy, he decided to travel as a naval cadet engineer on ocean-going ships, in order to learn hands on, how ships behave at sea.

There he met directors and technicians, who helped and taught him their knowledge on the ships’ shaft systems and he is grateful to them for this.

It was and still is a very interesting expertise from every point of view. What makes it more exciting is the fact that in every shaft system or rudder you work on, it is a new experience! Nothing is the same, every day you learn something new!

The old timers used to say:

If you want to learn something really well, you have to love it first!

This is what he did. He loved his job so much!!

He soon climbed to the top of hierarchy and in 1998 he became director of his department continuing with the same love and strong desire to impart his knowledge he had acquired to the younger, but at the same fine learning himself new things and gaining experiences.

In all this course, he has taken part in about 2500 shaft systems repairs, about 400 rudders repairs, 150 – 160 thruster repairs and about 50 water-jets.

He has worked with representatives of great companies, representatives and technicians of well-known marine shipping companies, many machine works-team, in shipyards in Greece and many other countries and their co-operation he has always been excellent and sincere.

They are the same people who he has had the honor in the past and present to show him their trust in the supervision or the repairs that they administer.

Loyal himself to this idea, along with his excellent associates, will continue to offer his services with dignity and trust.